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Wallowa County, OREGON

Nestled up in the northeastern pocket of Oregon, Wallowa County is famous for its stunning gorgeous landscapes, showing off the magnificent Wallowa Mountains and the wild playground known as Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. This place is a real treat for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and history buffs alike, with a whole mix of Native American tales, pioneer stories, cowboy legends, and artists' vibes adding flavor to its charm.



Wallowa Lake and the Eagle Cap Wilderness are like a hiker's paradise in Wallowa County, Oregon. With jaw-dropping scenery, from the shimmering Wallowa Lake to the rugged trails of Eagle Cap, it's a dream destination for those craving epic hikes and nature's grandeur. Approximately 25-minute driving.



​Wallowa County truly offers something for everyone, making it a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat in nature.

  1. Boating and Kayaking: Rent a boat or kayak and paddle along the serene waters of Wallowa Lake, surrounded by majestic mountain views.

  2. Fishing: Cast your line and try your luck at catching rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, or other fish species abundant in the lake.

  3. Hiking: Explore numerous hiking trails that wind through the Wallowa Mountains and the Eagle Cap Wilderness, offering varying levels of difficulty and stunning vistas.

  4. Swimming: Dip into the refreshing waters of Wallowa Lake during the warmer months.

  5. Horseback Riding: Saddle up and ride through picturesque meadows and forests on horseback.

  6. Wildlife Watching: Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including deer, elk, and various bird species.

  7. Photography: Capture the stunning natural beauty and unique landscapes through your camera lens.

  8. Winter Sports: During winter, enjoy activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

  9. Dining and Shopping: Explore the town of Joseph near the lake, where you can enjoy local cuisine, shop for art and crafts, and experience the town's unique culture.


Wallowa Lake Tramway

Embark on a thrilling journey by riding the tramway to Mount Howard in Joseph, Oregon. This scenic tram ride offers a bird's-eye view of the breathtaking landscape as you ascend to the summit, where stunning vistas and outdoor exploration await.


Art & History

Joseph, a charming town in Wallowa County, Oregon, is your go-to spot for a unique blend of bronze artistry and delightful shopping experiences. With its thriving bronze factory scene, you can witness skilled artisans crafting intricate pieces, and when you're ready to indulge in some retail therapy, the town's vibrant shops offer everything from quirky local finds to one-of-a-kind treasures. Approximately 20-minute driving.

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