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Welcome to Zen House Kominka!

What is Kominka?

According to Google Translate, Kominka is "ancient folk house" and that is almost correct--but it's much more than that. Simply put, Kominka is a Japanese traditional house built more than 50 years ago using traditional techniques, called the "Jiku-gumi" method, which does not use nails or bolts. The lack of such "secure" fasteners makes western engineers nervous. But in reality, these old buildings built with the techniques are standing for more than a half century or some of them are many centuries, despite the earthquakes that Japan experiences all the time.

But the wonder of Kominka does not stop there. Once you step into a Kominka, you'll feel comfort and relief--even if you'd never visited the house before. We would like to share such a powerful experience. This simple desire of ours made us to take on a huge challenge--build a real Japanese Kominka in the northeast corner of Oregon.

Kominka Journey starts here

The decision was easy but we didn't realize how big the challenge was--it was not just a language barrier. It was a barrier of different building codes between two countries--Japan and the U.S.

In this blog, you will find the challenges and successes. We may also share our personal thoughts related to cultures and mental wellness. And hopefully, we are able to provide a Zen House Kominka vacation with those who would like to experience this magical healing energy that Kominka provides by summer of 2023.

Please subscribe and enjoy the journey with us!

In the next issue, first thing first--we will reveal about us!

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