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Dining Room
Wallowa Mountains
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Wake up to a 360 degree magnificent mountain view

Rediscover your soul & reconnect with yourself in the serene open nature

Dissolve stress by gazing at the starry sky

Imagine yourself becoming a part of the energy of the universe

Feel Zen at a beautiful traditional Japanese style home

find your inner peace 

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by a stunning mountain view in Oregon.

The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen

A calming Japanese Tea Ceremony and/or life coaching is also available. 

"Kominka Retreat is absolutely breathtaking! From the mountain views to the beautiful construction of the house. It is a worthwhile way to get away."

Jamie Carper, WA


Kominka is a Japanese traditional house that was built with the techniques inherited by Japanese artisan carpenters for generations using abundant natural materials, including large vintage beams.


The photo shows an example of such beams, a signature of Kominka. ​Kominka brings the most comfortable balance of dynamic energy and minute intricacy. 


Find yourself feeling rejuvenated in such a unique space.​ From the moment you walk in the door, you'll feel the comfort that comes from a blend of solid tradition and modern convenience.  


The exceptional building details executed by Japanese professional designers and artisan carpenters are only part of the story.


Get Inspired

Photos by Talia Jean Photo

I love Japanese architecture so this was quite a treat for me to experience a kominka style home. The smell of wood and the watching sunlight throughout the day up the home through the screens and windows was like being in a live painting (even the tap water smelled amazing!). 

Jamie Carper, WA

Wallowa County, Oregon

Nestled in northeastern Oregon, Wallowa County's enchanting beauty, characterized by majestic mountains and serene valleys, provides a captivating backdrop that has inspired artists and creators for generations. The fusion of its awe-inspiring nature with a thriving arts community makes Wallowa County a haven where artistic expression harmoniously intertwines with the splendor of the natural world.


Zen House Kominka
Life Coaching & Retreat

P. O. Box 276

Enterprise, OR 97828

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